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From www.UnblockedGamesRom.com with love!

Hey! Teacher ... Leave us kids alone!

Then we can play our cool flash games on the school computers. Well, we would if they weren’t blocked!!!

That's the problem with teachers; all work and no play but the fun goes on at www.unblockedgamesroom.com. Our website is packed with all the best flash games and the great thing is they are all unblocked and ready to play. One click of the mouse will quickly transport you from the classroom into the far more interesting and fun world of game playing.

Like the games on our site, the unblockedgamesroom team is here to provide fun and entertainment as we still remember, not too fondly, those long, boring and dreary lectures when all we wanted to do was spend some quality time with My Friend Pedro or enjoy a Douchebag Workout.

Sadly, www.unblockedgamesroom.com didn't exist at the time so we set about rectifying the matter. With our small, but perfectly-formed team of designer, programmer, game developer and game adder we set about freeing all the most popular flash games and we have succeeded in our goal.

Now, we are happy and proud to present the best selection of unblocked games available on the internet for your pleasure and delight. Never again do you need to be bored as there are dozens of skilful and fun games waiting to be played and more and more being added all the time. Oh, and did we mention that all our games are unblocked and will never be blocked?

All your favorite games from Breaking the Bank through Penalty Fever and up to Zombocalypse are here. There are loads more to choose from and the list gets longer every day and all are FREE and unblocked for you to enjoy.

We know you will enjoy all the games available on unblockedgamesroom.com but why keep the pleasure to yourself? Share this gaming experience with your friends, bookmark the website or set it as the homepage on different computers.

This will spread the word about unblockedgamesroom.com and keep us up and running to add even more games in the future.

We thank you for dropping in and look forward to seeing you in the future and often. Any comments or suggestions you may have are warmly welcomed and you can pass them on to us using the contact us page on our site.

We look forward to seeing you again .. and again .. and again..

The unblockedgamesroom team.